Our Services

Esha offers services to our customers to make Esha the most convenient and easiest companies to do business with. The following services that Esha offers will increase your business and help you better serve your own customers.If you do not see a service listed below that you would like, please contact Esha at 800-551-ESHA to discuss how Esha can help your business.

IT Services

ESHA IT can facilitate a smoother navigation through the technology and security landscape by offering the following services – strategic consulting, cyber security and talent acquisition. We can become your strategic partner to provide you with all your technology needs with a best-in-breed cost effective approach.

AV Services

ESHA AV partners with international technology leaders to deliver on some of the most iconic, innovative and diverse building systems integration in the United States. Our core competency and major focus lies in designing, installing, testing, operating and maintaining integrated system solutions for a wide variety of environments including governmental and educational institutions, health care organizations and corporate clients such as leading global companies, hoteliers and retailers across various sectors.

Managed Print Services

In addition to our core strengths, we also offer a portfolio of Managed Print Services regarded as best in class among many channel partners. If Managed Print is part of your strategy, our program infrastructure can help you achieve your goals. As our partner, we’ll show you how to sell and execute the benefits of migrating your customers from what we call an “unstructured” to a “structured” print environment. Waste reduction, expense control, one invoice, proactive toner fulfillment, onsite service and less dependency on IT are some of the benefits you can leverage working with us.

Tape Backup Solutions

ESHA Corporation tape rotation and back up solutions services provide you with a secure and systematic method for protecting and preserving your critical backup assets. Our various key services include labelling, tape initialization, date recovery, tape rotation and supply of back up tape cases – all essential components of disaster recovery and business continuity objectives.